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What we can repair

We have a growing team of 30 wonderful repairers with skills to repair:

  • Clothes and textiles

  • Household and garden electrical

  • Electronics and radios

  • Bikes, adults and kids

  • Ceramics

  • Computer hardware (and software advice)

  • Games consoles

  • Clocks and watches

  • Toys

  • Upholstery and furniture

  • Woodwork

  • Tool and knife sharpening

Artwork by our resident artists Matilda and Florence (11 and 9 years old)


“Thanks so much Brian you mended my antique 1900 clock, it is wonderful to hear the chime again, which I had not heard since I was a little girl in 1940's in Australia”. -  Mary

“This coffee grinder was a special present to my husband years ago. Then, the children had a "go" and it has not worked since. Gillian you are fantastic, can't wait for my next coffee. -  Jennifer

"I could not use my electric scooter as no shops were interested in repairing the two punctures, but Tim did it - many thanks". -  George

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“This is my very complicated snakes & ladders game bought at an antiques fair 40 years ago, Bernard, your patience is fantastic”. -  Pat

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The clasp of my Mulberry bag broke years ago.  Clare was brilliant she took a clasp from another bag and replaced mine.  I wish I'd found this Cafe before" -  Chisenga


We even do birthdays! Our trusty friend and repairer to MPs and other local dignitaries, Happy Birthday Bernard. 


"Trouble with your electric toy tank then Peter's the man to fix it". -  Branka


“We love our 80 year old sewing machine and really cannot afford a new one. Jennie, Gill and John spend ages on it. It is not fully repaired yet but we will bring it back next month. Thanks for all your efforts   ”. -  Elliott


“I read about your Repair Cafe in TW Mag and thought I can get the leg mended on my piano stool. Harold and Jimmy went to so much trouble and now I can use it again". -  Ann


"I had to bring my lawn mower on the bus from Brentford to get it repaired, but it was worth it". -  Anne

“I bought a carriage clock from Oxfam, I think it’s beautiful! However, I was not sure if it work. James was wonderful and gave me advise and a lesson, I am delighted."  -  Marta

Maggie and Roger run the check-in in the sunshine.


"Being a repairer is pretty scary! It is like sitting for an exam and turning the paper over but without knowing what the subject is.  But I am now addicted to the challenge so keep coming back". -  Chris


"My hedge cutter just refused to work. Thanks Bernard for giving it another life!" - Yvonne

........ “Mummy and daddy do not sew so they were very pleased to be able to bring him to the repair cafe to get mended by Jill, one of the wonderful repairers.

Eira is very happy that Na-na now won’t get a wet head in the rain!"  

Thank you from Mairead, Eira and Na-na (and most of all daddy!)

"I have had my Walkman for years. You can see how happy I am with the result. Thanks Tony! - Angie 

My birdhouse crashed over in the storms and I never thought I could use it again.  Its now completely repaired. Fantastic - thanks Harold!! - Katy

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bird house.jpg
phil toaster_edited.jpg

My toaster oven used to trip the circuit despite having a 5 amp fuse. Phil adjusted it and now it works great - Fantastic! - Marie-Helene

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This is my 20 years old lightsaber you guys are amazing you managed to repair it, many thanks - Paul

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“Such a wonderful experience, I learnt both about the Kitchenaid appliance, which I have had for years, as well as the general layout, thanks so much Phil”. -  Mark

“The toaster can now toast both sides of the bread.  What a result!!  We’ve had it for years and had got used to it not working properly. It’s nice to have golden toast again!"  -  Mick

"How skilful, Cliff was able to adjust the dynamo, reset the lock and re-align the brakes. That is wonderful I can ride home safely now". -  Theresa

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“The lovely wooden toy is fixed and our grandchildren can enjoy it. 

All in all, we loved the Repair Cafe.  It’s a virtual circle, people with expertise sharing their skills with those of us who are not so practical."  -  Mary


Kids Zone 

(Due to lack of space we have stopped doing the Kids Zone at the minute).

We encourage kids to take things apart, and maybe, even to put them back together. 

We are so thankful for the great kids, leaders and parents from Woodcraft folk   who joined us in our first Kids Zone.

Due to the nature of working with tools, we ask that all children are supervised by their parents. 


Plenty to be done


Time with Meccano


Contact Us

Twickenham Repair Cafe

St Margarets Church Hall,

130 St Margarets Road,

St Margarets,



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