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Our story

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"Men what do coffee"

"Men what do coffee” this was our WhatsApp group set up in 2018. We were all working more from home and decided we needed a way to meet / chat / laugh every week.

We are six guys: Pat, Gavin, David, Cliff, Joe and Colin, we go to the same church and we used to run regular Men’s Breakfast meetings. Our watershed moment came when our friend Peter, from Lindfield in West Sussex, came to talk at our meeting about all the amazing sustainability initiatives they did in their town.

He mentioned the huge success of their newly formed Lindfield Repair Café.  So we thought that’s something we could do.

At our next coffee meeting on 9th December, 2021 there was only one thing on the agenda. Well, actually we had never had an agenda before, but we decided we were going to make it happen. We divvied up the roles and tasks. Our group had recently be renamed “Grandads what do coffee” and we had mostly stopped working so we knew we had time to focus.

Pic taken at one of our favourite places Ricardo's in Church Street, we do beer as well as coffee!

Our story: Repair Services
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